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#WeAreNotAlone is an arts community initiative, uniting global creatives to document with a phone camera their answer to a universal question: How is the #Covıd19 lock-downs affecting you & your art?

The footage is collated and shared here and across social media during the timeline of the lock downs, and will also form the basis of a future film and interactive art installation that will share these stories once the dark clouds of Covid19 subside.

This project aims to bring together independent artists/creatives/industry workers around the world affected by this lock down. Our shared experiences show one another that we are not alone at this difficult time, and will hopefully inspire empathy, collaboration, creativity, learning and confidence in this uncertain period that affects us all!

Above all, the collection of videos here serve as a historical record of a time when all of humanity was united by one common enemy that did not distinguish between race, gender, religion and creed.

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